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191 Lunches

191 Lunches

by Eliza Oliver


Every day of year 10, Sophie, Jaz and Aqua eat lunch together under the paint-chipped stairs of D Block.

They're best friends and have been since year three.

Camp Cope plays loudly on their iPhones and sandwiches are picked apart and exchanged for LeSnacks.

At the beginning of the year, they made a promise to one another, a virginity pact. They're not letting their bodies be made into something they're not, not unless they are all prepared to change together. But sex seems to be pulling them apart.

photo by Yanapi Senaud

photo by Yanapi Senaud

Sophie, smart and anxious, under her mother’s advice has stopped eating lunch but no one really likes to talk about that. Jaz, loud and mischievous, is getting awfully close to Jonno, Aqua’s big brother who’s a ‘total fucking perv’ according to Soph. And Aqua, sharp-as-a-tack dreamer, is still figuring out a way to live underwater after high school which, according to Jaz is the coolest and lamest thing to ever coexist.

They’re all looking for an escape and desperately searching for a place to call home. The ocean is calling, puberty is happening faster than they can understand and everything that felt certain is dissolving at the seems.   

191 Lunches is an exploration of the friendships between women, it looks at how from an early age, girls are taught that they are not safe in the world. The binds that pull them together can often be the thing that brings them apart. Ideal for the Education Program this irreverent comedy looks to ask; how do girls grow up?