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about ladylike

about ladylike

photo by Tash McCannon

photo by Tash McCannon

Ladylike Theatre Collective is the creative partnership between two friends and collaborators, Adelaide-based actor and maker Annabel Matheson and Sydney-based actor and playwright Eliza Oliver.

With a raft of our talented and creative friends who help us, we aim to create work that asks questions, challenging our audiences while still providing a safe environment in which they can delve into storytelling without feeling inhibited by judgement. All our work is created through an intersectional feminist lens, with a focus on the representation of women and queer people on stage. We also love Brussels Sprouts.

To learn more about us as the individual precious flowers that we are, please see THE COLLECTIVE.




Works to date include:

the Australian premiere production of Sarah Ruhl’s play Late: A Cowboy Song, at the 2016 Sydney Fringe Festival and the 2017 Adelaide Fringe Festival;

the first workshop production of Testosterone, a new play by Eliza Oliver, with second year acting students from the Flinders University Drama Centre.

Works currently in active development include:

  • Hang in there Baby A sitcom within a play, a laugh-out-loud look into the masks of queerness through the celebration of camp. We are developing HITB with the generous support of State Theatre Company SA through their State Resident program for 2019.

  • Not All Women (working title), an epic play which serves as a window and a warning for the trajectory of modern feminism and identity politics.