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late: a cowboy song

late: a cowboy song

by Sarah Ruhl

“This play is for all the lady cowboys of heart and mind who ride outside the city limits of convention.” - Sarah Ruhl

This beautiful play, for the first time ever in Australia asks big questions about how gender defines who and how we love. Late: A Cowboy Song follows Mary, and endless worrier, as she meets a Cowboy, Red, whose forehead has no worry lines at all. Crick, Mary’s husband buys a painting with all their savings, whilst Red teaches Mary how to ride a horse. Crick and Mary who have been in love since the second grade can’t decide on their newborn’s name or gender. The three sing songs, eat soup, and and try to navigate their way through the blurred lines of love.

Director: Teddy Dunn

Producers: Annabel Matheson and Eliza Oliver

Cast: Andreas Lohmeyer, Annabel Matheson, and Eliza Oliver.

Music composition: Teddy Dunn and Andreas Lohmeyer.

Stage management/tech operation: Chiara Gabrielli (Adelaide and Sydney); Rebecca Mayo (Sydney).

Supported by the Helpmann Academy.

Sydney Fringe, September 25th - October 1st 2016, Erskineville Town Hall.

Adelaide Fringe, March 9th - 14th 2017, Tuxedo Cat.


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