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our work

We're just getting started and we have lots of ideas on the go. Here's a taste of what we've done and what's coming in the future.



by Eliza Oliver

A surreal, sci-fi, queer, dramedy.

I (Love) You is set in the not-too-distant future. It tracks the explosive, intimate space between two individuals whose trust rapidly and unexpectedly decays as government-regulated technology, implanted in their bodies, begins to fracture them from each other and their reality.

191 lunches website image.png

191 lunches

by Eliza Oliver

How many lunches does it take to figure out who you are?

A show for young women.

Currently in development.


project bestfriendship

by Ang Collins, Charles O’Grady, & Eliza Oliver

A heart-comedy in three nice acts.

Coming early 2019.

cowboy website image.png

late: A Cowboy song

by Sarah Ruhl

“This play is for all the lady cowboys of heart and mind who ride outside the city limits of convention.” - Sarah Ruhl.

This beautiful play asks big questions about how gender defines who and how we love.

produced in Sydney and Adelaide.

hang in there baby website image.png

Hang in there baby

by Eliza Oliver, with Ladylike Theatre Collective

"Hey, what if we made a play that was, like, a sitcom, but on stage?"

Queer sex, friendship, and identity.

Currently in development.

testosterone book cover.jpg


by Eliza Oliver

Sixteen year old Seb is small, sick and mostly a loser. When he takes testosterone for medical purposes, his life starts to change drastically. 

Shortlisted for the Philip Parsons Playwrights Award.

produced in Adelaide.

not all women.png

not all women

by Eliza Oliver

It's bath time.

The effects of modern individualist feminism in three acts.

Currently in development.

empathy quest website image.png

Empathy quest

by Ladylike Theatre Collective

Take your empathy on a journey. Epic. Immersive. Site specific. 

It is time to dig deep.

Currently in development.